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Retail Insights

      by ElQual

Good things are made by people together with other people, the in-store campaigns being an important pillar in increasing sales and brand awareness.

Activities correlated with in-store campaigns:

  • developing a customized creative concept
  • setting up the campaign mechanism;
  • implementation
  • campaign monitoring and evaluation
  • logistics: storage, transportation, packaging, handling, route planning

Campaign types:

  • sampling & push campaigns
  • product testing campaigns
  • consumer promotions
  • stimulation and loyalty programs for sales force
  • outdoor campaigns (universities, campuses, offices)
  • caravans
  • seasonal projects (seaside, ski resorts, etc. )

Key instruments

On-line reporting:

  • All field data entered into the system, by means of Data Collecting System (DCS), are made available on line;
  • Data are sent by Supervisors, in real time, towards the server and thus can be easily viewed and aggregated;
  • Reporting can be provided on a daily, weekly or ad-hoc basis as required and in any specific format agreed with client in advance

On-line database and on-line casting:

  • The online database is used to organize a casting session via internet;
  • The access is made by means of a secured “user” and “password”;
  • The database presents all details (including photos) related to the personnel assigned to a certain project;
  • Selection of the personnel is made based on specific preferences or project requirements.
  • Personnel Recruitment & Training standardized on the national level (scoring system for operators, merchandisers and promoters)
  • Personnel Assessment & Payment (performance assessment system)
  • On-line database and on-line casting
  • On-line reporting
  • Database and on-line casting
  • On-line reporting