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Stream Research

            by ElQual

Lacramioara Loghin - Managing Director

Exact Cercetare si Consultanta

“El Qual is a company represented by genuine professional people, they are truly involved and pro-active in providing appropriate solutions during project implementation. We sincerely loved their commitment to do everything very well and the extraordinary communication maintained all along the project progress.”

Razvan Ichim - Field Manager

GfK Romania

“Every time we worked with ElQual, we have found a trustful partner who delivered quality data and who acted very promptly. We have especially appreciated their transparency and flexibility, two essential features for a sound business relationship.”

Noel Stefan - Research Manager


“ElQual team is a dynamic, flexible team oriented towards understanding clients\\\' real needs. We had a nice cooperation with them so far and we will continue working with them in the future as well.”

Cristian Stefanescu - Director

MIA Marketing (Institutul de Marketing MIA)

“Reliability, pro-activity and deadline compliance are basic elements which ElQual team can be proud of. It has been a real pleasure working with them and enjoying a beautiful cooperation, which was mainly based on their openness towards the client and a very good communication maintained in all project implementation stages.”

Anca Dumitru - Field Manager

Unlock Market Research

“ElQual is young, dynamic and at the same time it has a vast experience in implementing and successfully completing all projects in which they were involved; ElQual knows how to communicate and to prevent difficult situations. All these make of ElQual the team you want to work with. ”

Retail Insights

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Elqual Affiliations

SORMA - The Romanian Society for Public Opinion and Marketing Research

ESOMAR - The European Society for Opinion and Market Research