Retail Insights

      by ElQual

The selling process is directly influenced by:

  • category complexity/ product assortment within the selling area
  • product display/merchandising
  • display space
  • promotional campaigns

Retail Insights
by ElQual

Due to a solid team’s experience in implementing the retail monitoring projects, offers support to FMCG manufacturers and distribution channels in order to:

* understand the real situation about a brand within a distribution channel
* offer a quick answer to the dynamic market conditions

Retail Channels on the national level

  • IKA (Cash and Carry, Hypermarket, Discounter)
  • LK (local chains, at the national level)
  • TT (national chains and independent shops)
  • mobile routes (Seaside, Prahova Valley, skiing tracks)
  • warehouses
  • petrol stations
  • drug stores


Retail Information collected :

  • Shelf presence (out of stock situations)
  • Shelf visibility (number of faces)
  • Shelf price communication
  • POSMs presence
  • Special placements
  • Shelf promotions/blister
  • Orders

Reporting types:

  • by location/region, distribution channel
  • daily/weekly/twice a month/monthly/quarterly/yearly
  • by SKU/brand/category
  • POSM presence vs. the planned ones
  • Trade Calendar compliance
  • Permanent program

    • daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly
    • syndicated or customized for each client
  • Mobile program

    • multiple locations with daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly itinerary
    • customized for each client
  • Temporary program

    • ad-hoc (single occurrence)
    • customized for each client


  • Data Collecting System (DCS) is a software developed internally, available on-line and based on up-to-date technology
  • DCS technology takes over the data collected from the field, ensures data control (witnessing photo) and data accuracy
  • DCS application is installed on a data collection device endowed with video-camera.
  • The field interviewers take pictures and collect data which are further sent towards the DCS portal
  • Information is viewed on-line via a web page which can be securely accessed by entering a user name and a password.

Retail Information

Reporting types