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Based on gravitation measurements, ElQual planet is made mainly of PASSION (14.5%) and INVOLVEMENT (15.2%) which are defining elements of a planet formation.
ElQual is a solid nucleus, representing 17.1% of the total planet volume and this nucleus stands for QUALITY.
The nucleus is covered by a thick layer of PROFESSIONALISM (16.1%), combined with EXPERIENCE (19.7%), PROMPTNESS (17.1%) and also with a stellar powder of SMILE (0.30%).
In order to better understand the STRUCTURE of ElQual planet, it is useful to know some key facts:
• the planet represents a nucleus set up in 2002 and named El Qual Consulting, specialized in field data collection which is the core element of a market research analysis;
• due to the dynamic activity and to a successful implementation of several research projects, but also further to a fruitful cooperation with several important research companies, two divisions have been set up in 2013:

* Stream Research
               by ElQual

* Retail Insights
         by ElQual