Business Sectors

Business sectors we serve with love:

With over 20 years in the business of market research, we have extensive experience and a vast depth of knowledge across a range of sectors.

Food and beverage

We pride ourselves on our deep expertise in food and beverage market research. As any industry professional knows, change is a constant in the food and beverage market, and having a clear understanding of what is currently in demand will benefit your company’s bottom line.

Product testing, Concept testing, Usage & attitude Surveys, Pricing Studies, Brand equity, Customer understanding, Outlet Census.

Successful companies in the consumer goods sector are often defined by their ability to react quickly and nimbly to pressures from their competitors as well as from their overall market. Our team has years of experience not only in food and beverages related topics but in collecting hard-to-find information through primary and secondary research techniques.

Concept testing, Pricing Studies, Pricing monitoring, Customer understanding.

Consumer goods

Financial / Banking

We support financial services providers with market research to help them understand customer needs and assess the commercial viability of new products and services – for both B2C and B2B audiences via Qualitative and Quantitative projects.

Customer understanding, Customer Satisfaction, Segmentation Research, Concept testing

The telecom industry is shifting. And as technology becomes increasingly agile, consumers expect more value for less money. The need to differentiate has never been more critical. Over the years, we have gathered a deep expertise in telecommunications market research conducting a lot of different market research studies for both B2C and B2B audiences via Qualitative and Quantitative projects.

Customer and market understanding, Brand and advertising research, New product development research.


Healthcare & Pharmacy

There is another industry where market research is arguably even more important, because the end goal is not exclusively to generate sales and profits. Rather it is to help people and, in some cases, save lives: healthcare.In addition to research focused on goods and services to treat patients, we have conducted market research from the healthcare professional perspective, covering products and services that support healthcare workers and administrators, as well as positioning research for hospitals and health systems.

 In depth interviews, workshops, Customer understanding.

The automotive sector is now at the beginning of a new era – that of electric mobility and autonomous vehicles. These changes will not only lead to a fundamental restructuring of the car manufacturing industry, but will significantly change the approach to the market. In a time of technological advancements, environmental considerations, and changing consumer tastes, it’s essential to stay informed about the transformative shifts happening in the automotive sector. We have extensive experience conducting market research in the automotive industry, demonstrated in our work with some of the leading providers of automobiles, automotive parts, and servicing garages. We use qualitative and quantitative research methods to gather reliable information and data, on top of automotive industry trends, innovations, changes in consumer behavior and preferences.

Car clinic market research, Focus Groups Concept Testing, Customer understanding.



It is critical for insurance organizations to keep up with the latest market trends. We help organizations deepen their understanding of their B2B customers to shape their strategy around their needs. Our expertise in market research studies covers general insurance, life insurance, consumer insurance, automobile insurance for both B2C and B2B audiences, Qualitative and Quantitative projects.

In depth interviews, Focus groups, Workshops, Customer understanding.

Unlike other industries, consumer durables have a long timeline for both shoppers and manufacturers. Consumers don’t purchase these pricey items without significant research, discussion, and consideration. In this way, consumer durable brands have a tougher job than leaders in other industries – they have to predict the future to determine what needs and trends will exist years from now. For durable goods such as household appliances or audio equipment, our teams’ expertise provides research projects on the decision-making process, customer needs and attitudes, project tests, target group studies for new product development, etc,.

Customer understanding, Customer Satisfaction, Segmentation Research, Concept testing.

Durable Goods

Building & Construction Materials

Market research for this particular segment covers potential challenges and opportunities that may arise due to recent economic or social changes. They also provide views on competitive pressures, threats, and government regulations for market participants. Our team brings deep sector expertise and knowledge of local construction materials markets for both B2C and B2B audiences via Qualitative and Quantitative projects.

Customer understanding, Customer Satisfaction, In depth interviews.

Real estate market research assists in identifying demographics, helps in lucrative investments, helps in the comparison of prices, aids in understanding trends, to launch new online platforms, commercial trends, locations, helps to understand your target, our expertise is for both B2C and B2B audiences Qualitative and Quantitative projects.

 Product testing, Concept testing, U&A, Pricing Studies, Brand equity, Customer understanding, Outlet Census.

Real Estates


Our expertise in this sector helps us to understand farmer purchasing behavior to provide insight into the full crop cycle which includes planting, seed protection, fertilization, weather patterns, and consumer trends. The collected data makes the correlation between the business segment and that of the consumers of this type of products, through our analyzes and interpretations we bring added value to the segment.

Customer understanding, Customer Satisfaction.

Our hands-on involvement assures quality, attention to detail, and interpretation that looks beyond the findings and puts the family, child and youth market in context. We are proud of our research methods, which have been developed over many years and which put children and young people at the forefront of every project we do, allowing them to have a voice through Qualitative and Quantitative studies.

New Product Development, Customer understanding, Customer Satisfaction, Usage & attitude Surveys.

Kids and youth


We help our clients to understand how audiences are interacting with media brands and the value of the content they are consuming. We support our clients not only in understanding current customer needs, but also how to grow audiences further. 

Customer understanding, Customer Satisfaction.

Ecommerce market research allows us to determine the viability of a product or service by gathering information about the needs and preferences of potential customers. It is an important component of a successful marketing strategy and crucial in keeping the company’s offerings relevant and competitive. The vast experience of our team on the retail market, from in-store monitoring services, BTL activities in different channels correlated with market research services (including outlet census) are an added value for understanding this sector both for the business to business and for the consumer.

Customer understanding, Customer Satisfaction, New product development research.


Public Services

Whether it is about government institutions, transport, or health in the public sector, our expertise even in hard-to-reach targets allows us to achieve the best value. Education, which we regard as a separate sector in its own right, is a good example of this, but the rest of the public sector can derive equal use of market research. ElQual’s experience in the education sector spans both higher education (colleges & universities) and primary and secondary schools. 

Satisfaction Surveys,  Needs assessment, New program offerings, Product development

We apply our expertise in animal health market research to drive insight-led action across a breadth of categories and a range of business challenges. We have direct access to vets through our in-house vets panel spanning as well as extensive experience conducting in-depth research with pet owners.

Animal health


Technology market research is a vital aspect for start-ups and established tech companies in a fast-moving industry. While the rapid rate of change in the technology sector provides ample opportunities for growth, it requires companies to act quickly if they want to claim a significant share of the market.

We recognise that acquiring valuable feedback on your skincare and beauty products is essential. That’s why we offer a range of bespoke qualitative and quantitative research techniques to suit our clients’ individual needs. Whether you’re in need of traditional focus groups or more longitudinal research into your products, we can help.