Call Center

CATI is best used in customer or business to business market research where we need to research a large target group in a short time at an effective cost.

Expert Call Center Operators for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) can help your business tailor crucial and effective questions to aid in market research. Our team of experienced and well-trained interview operators carried out by telephone are guided by a questionnaire displayed on the screen of a computer using our proprietary platform Data Collecting System. They have effective communication skills and are able to establish contact quickly with any type of respondent, even hard-to-reach targets. Their skills can win the respondent over, get them talking, and, as a result, discover the required information.

The telephone interview (questionnaire/survey) that our staff uses is designed and fully controlled for high data quality. This ensures consistency of how we extract market responses. Also we offer you suggestions on fine-tuning the telephone interview, based on our years of real-world experience.

Our streamlined CATI services defined by well-drafted questionnaires, interviewer training and our own platform system will help your business collect accurate data without the hassle of planning and managing. The human resource performance evaluation system helps us to maintain quality at the highest Quality Standards.

Comprehensive business to business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) market research

Large number of respondents in a shortest period of time possible

Preparation of a competent quantitative research scenario for CATI

Selecting the most promising and comprehensive target group

Thoughtful interviewing conducted by skilled experts in our professional call center

Summary reporting with a focus on customers’ requirements and expectations

We provide call center market research services using a variety of data sources: Client provides an existing list; Client provides an unqualified list; ElQual provides an unqualified list; Random dialing.

The CATI platform combines telephone interviewing capabilities with online surveys, enabling mixed-mode methodologies. This is especially important in B2B research studies where several data collection methods may be necessary to maximize response rates.

  • Understand customer expectations
  • Evaluate marketing strategies and branding
  • Identify product development strategies
  • Sales prediction & market segmentation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer attitude, customer handling, and pricing
  • Pricing & finance sourcing perceptions
  • Service & maintenance satisfaction
  • Color, features, and safety expectations
  • Buying decisions and habits
  • Aftermarket sales & demand…and more

Our team’s experience covers a large area of
business sectors