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Retail Monitoring

Thanks to our monitoring tool based on solid software such as Data Collecting System, we are able to collect data and control premises and points of sale in a simple way in all types of retail channels, and can replicate it whenever necessary, accessing the data from any device and from anywhere in real time including, in addition to the collected data, witness photos.

Online & Offline Fieldwork Services with national coverage

We are focused on what matters!

From finding quality respondents to creating a comfortable environment to conduct your research – we’ll handle it. Our team is experienced in supporting your unique needs to seamlessly navigate local and national demands to execute research that improves the services or products.

We are proud of our extensive National Recruiting Network that can access big cities, small towns, and everything in-between… with experienced operators and coordinators with comprehensive knowledge of their city, neighborhoods, businesses, and all things local on any type of data collection in various market research projects.

Our market research recruiting staff are highly trained specialists who love a challenge. No matter the category of your project, we can secure the right participants.

Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative market research questions produce answers for „Who”, „How many/much”, „How often” and „What”.

  • Face to Face (F2F)/CAPI interviews
    Large network with national coverage (both urban and rural) based on operators and Area Managers with experience in all types of quantitative data collection.
  • CATI (Call Center)
    Large facility with experienced interview operators carry out fast interviews by telephone in a complex survey logic handled by the CATI program using our proprietary platform Data Collecting System.

Our team has expertise in 5 steps needed for creating a successful quantitative market research survey: Specify the Goal, Have a Plan Sketched Out, Collect Data, Analysis of Collected Data, Compile Reports with Conclusion and Recommendation.

Qualitative Market Research

Qualitative market research questions produce answers for „Why”.

  • Focus Groups (face to face and online)
    Over the years, we have become experts in conducting focus groups, even with hard-to-reach targets.
  • In-depth interviews (face to face, telephone and online)
    Our experts make it possible to identify highly valuable findings quickly because in-depth interviews can potentially be so insightful.
  • Pair-depth interviews (face to face and online)
    Our expertise is the basis for knowing when a specific target is well suitable with pair depth interviews with topics of a sensitive nature to find point of view, experiences, feelings and perspectives even for hard-to-reach respondents.
  • Online Community
    We have the power to engage communities enabling you to quickly unlock insights and drive success, the community may remain active for days, weeks or even months.
  • Ethnographic research
    • In-Home Visits
    • Assisted Shopping Trips
    • Accompanied Consumption Moments
    • Traditional or video diaries

We can provide an in-depth insight into the respondent’s views and actions along with the sights and sounds they encounter during their day. It provides the researcher with an understanding of how those users see the world and how they interact with everything around them.

We're transparent and we care about data consistency and validity!


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in depth interviews


in home visits